Service Provision Range

Golden Bees Ltd provides a variety of services that range from supply of bee equipment to training and consultancy services;

Service Provision Range

Golden Bees Ltd provides a variety of services that range from supply of bee equipment to training and consultancy services;

Supply of Beekeeping Equipment

The equipment is categorized by the roles in the honey value chain under production, processing and marketing.


This equipment essential to producers (beekeepers) on the ground. The equipment includes; Protective gear, hives, smokers, airtight buckets, hive tools, honey extractors etc…..

Hive Making

We make quality & standard top bar & Langstroth hives using electrical carpentry machinery that speeds production to meet our customer needs.


A basic processing unit can be privately owned or owned by a cooperative. At this stage, bee products from the producers in a raw state are processed to a final stage. Basic equipment are; Settling tanks, honey press, Honey Refractometer, honey jars, Buckets, wax melter, packaging material, wooden pallets etc….We deal and supply in all this equipment.


Marketing entails branding and presenting a quality bee product that will appeal to customers. We assist in identifying marketing channels and penetrating them. Access to market for beekeepers from the rural areas is guaranteed.

Honey Value Chain

Golden Bees has set-up  a small apiary in Nakasongola for production and ensure its presence on the ground to connect with beekeepers or out growers. This alone guarantees the beekeepers of Market which we have been providing under or brand of Bee Mine Honey. The other chain or channel, we have been dealing with traders in West Nile (Arua, Yumbe & Adjumani) & Kyankwanzi/Kiboga who deal with over 800 beekeepers who supply them with raw honey.

Beekeeping Training & Consultancy

Beekeeping is an integral part of our organizational work. We work with our clients to determine the best course of action and to realize their development objectives.

Training Services

Our Training services are conducted in both theory and practical terms heavily aided with pictorials materials, beekeeping videos, demonstrations, different types of hives and others. A wide range of cross-cutting issues that complement beekeeping like vegetation, policies, tradition & culture are inclusive in our trainings. The trainings are based conducted in the areas were the beekeepers practice beekeeping.

Consultancy services

Our team with extensive experience both locally and regionally, offer top quality services in beekeeping.  We conduct beekeeping project feasibility studies, advisory services and implementing strategies tailored according to the real situation on the ground.  We continue developing the beekeeping sector in partnership with Ministry of Agriculture Animal industry & Fisheries department of Entomology and National Agriculture Research Organization specifically Dr. Kajobe Robert especially in addressing the challenges in beekeeping.