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Product name: Bee Mine Honey Acacia.

Contents : First grade pure organic blossom honey

Varieties :  Mono-floral honey that comes from Acacia, combratum and Albezia in the semi-arid plains of Uganda.

Packaging: 500g & 250g plastic honey jars

Product name: Bee Mine Honey wild Forest

Contents :  First grade pure organic blossom honey

Varieties :  Poly-floral & wild forest honey  with a mixed blend of forests and scrub blossom

Packaging: 500g & 250g plastic honey jars.

We have innovated lemon grass honey brand and are in plans to develop a brand specifically to target the tourist industry.

Honey has well documented health benefits. It is high in invertise enzymes that strengthens the bodies immune system. The elements of Glucose oxidize, high acidity and sugar content are three essential elements that kill bacteria in the body and act to boost ones health so it is not just a sweet tasting product. Health benefits being a large factor attributed to local sales.

Propolis tincture

Product name :  Golden Bees Propolis – “The wonder Product”

Contents :  Propolis tincture; resinous compounds and  balsam,  beeswax,  ethereal and aromatic oils, bee pollen and alcohol spirit

Packaging : 20mls  vials with eyedropper Dispenser

Propolis is a Greek word for Pro-before & Polis-a Greek city meaning before the City. Many attempts were made to conquer the city Polis but the Greeks at the time defended the city with all their might.  The bees also use Propolis to defend the hive by ceiling the entrance holes and ceiling off cracks.

The Egyptians used Propolis to mummify dead Pharaohs who has been preserved by Propolis for centuries likewise the bees bury intruders.
Golden Bees Propolis is a natural medicine that has antiseptic, antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal and even antiviral properties. Produced by bees from plant extracts and its own enzymes it is a complex attack system in nature that can be used both internally as an antibiotic and externally as an antiseptic.

The fact that Golden Bees Propolis has so many different properties makes it able to work in a whole or ‘holistic’ way – that is, through its ability to trigger the body’s own fighting mechanisms rather than by killing or destroying specific bacteria, viruses or fungi.